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NFT List & Info

The Avatars of Nature 'Origin' concept NFTs, plus other info....

Avatars of Nature : Origin NFTs

This collection (minting on Ethereum via Rarible, manifesting throughout 2022) by Ade's Press is just one, initial, visualisation of the Avatars.
View also the collection imported into Opensea.
The artwork is CC0 in the public domain, but the NFTs are tickets into the potential future of these original AoN concepts.
Buying/holding the NFT doesn't guarantee any value, as with many investments. It is the buyer who sees value in the project (as it exists then) and may then participate in its future to whatever degree. However, an NFT will allow access to core community websites and community-aligned objectives which can include token airdrops, special edition artwork, extra NFTs or art, early access, contributions to content etc.... You are also acquiring a connection with the core project.

List of the 1/1 (unique) NFTs (some are happier than others!):

  • the kid
  • the maker
  • the perceiver
  • the VR user
  • the VR user (2)
  • the artist
  • the reader
  • the dreambearer
  • the creative
  • the not-ready kid
  • the self-conscious kid
  • the streamer
  • the prisoner of VR
  • the sun-reacher
  • the well-balanced
  • the socialite
  • the mobile 'user'
  • the mobile 'user' (2)
  • the sinking star
  • the interconnected
  • the spreader of seeds
  • the nature artiste
  • the pianist
  • the over-controller
  • the metaverse explorer
  • the lady on fire
  • the lady on fire (2)
  • the love hodler / keeper
  • the staying alive
  • the guitarist
  • the driver
  • the student learner
  • the dream dreamer
  • the grower
  • the fearful believer
  • the selfie-snapper
  • the photographer