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'Fountellion in The Spiral' (unfolding into the Public Domain since 2019)
This is a project for a particular virtual, open-world 'game' design (its art, stories, visualisations etc. via CC0 NFT) situated within an advanced type of naturally-evolving virtual environment.
The game and simulation may not yet exist, but there are the concepts, and a search to assemble fellow enthusiasts, writers, designers, developers... to help realise them.
There are 3 aspects: - Fountellion 'game' design - NEWorlds (a 'green metaverse' of simulations) - A metaverse of related worlds (The Spiral).
These 3 aspects overlap, since all are perhaps important in appreciating the other. The objective is to make the first 2 aspects a (virtual) reality!
[Note that it could be possible, before the (complex) NEWorld is created, that the Fountellion game can be developed in a limited form. NEWorld design is a long-term project for an especially dedicated team of pioneers and developers.]

This Gitbook, Resources + Content

You can find content relating to the design + concepts online (see more below).
The purpose of this Gitbook site is to:
  • to outline the concepts and (origin) game design
  • to chronicle existing content
  • to outline/promote the NFT + community aspects for its future development. (Origin NFT sales and royalties will go towards community and Fountellion development).
Note that this Gitbook can become a community-run resource for future development of any of the concepts within.
You and NFT collectors are needed!


This is outlined in this section.

Current Resources (Origin):

  • Fountellion Twitter account
  • This Gitbook
  • Medium publication of updating Origin Stories
  • The Spiral Times : Origin website + early guide to stories/fragments.
  • Wattpad : Ade's earlier versions of the Origin stories.
  • Pre-Wattpad original versions for ebooks (on Google Docs).
Core NFTs:
NFT Artwork, promo etc:
Other Origin-related creations etc...
Community Potential...
  • This Gitbook (enable as community)
  • Medium publication (other contributors welcome)
  • Discord server (early stage, request invite link via Ade's Press).
  • Youtube - playlist of relevant videos
All the above were created and are currently run by Ade @ Ade's Press but if you create something then let me know.
by Ade M. Campbell, 2022
Last modified 1yr ago